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A laboratory for creating a fascinating future with everyone




テクノロジー開発、社会課題解決、新サービス創出などスコープは広いですが、共通項はデジタルテクノロジーで、社会実装で、みんなでつくるということ。ソーシャルで、オープンで、参加型な新しい研究所、B Labを開始します。

Standing at the threshold of Society 5.0, represented by AI/IoT and other technologies, we are in need of organizations that can bring forth new creations. At the same time, Covid-19 pandemic struck humanity, and our mission to build a new future “with Corona” or “after Corona” has become a proposition.

Until now, the national government, universities, and corporate research institutes have dealt with this issue individually. But now there is surely a need for a new approach, something different from the highly specialized research institutions based on advanced academism.

B Lab aims to create a laboratory where everyone, including the users, are connected to build a new society. It will be a platform that is social, open and participatory, combining expertise and skills of various people to produce new technologies, services, contents, businesses, and societies.

The scope of this project is vast, covering technology development, resolution of societal issues, creation of new services and more. But the common threads are digital technology, social implementation, and that it is a collective construction.

100 大学・研究所 100 フィールド 100万 プレイヤー








おばちゃんも子どももみんな研究員。 Lifelong Seekerになり、第2の研究員名刺を持ちます。

●Creation of a fascinating future

Rather than simply publishing academic papers, B Lab will emphasize on realizing and implementing innovative ideas in our society. B Lab is also a platform or a network to match issues, ideas, technologies, money, skills, and people. From small creations to large creations, such as coming up with ideas to reinvent our daily lives or developing new businesses, B Lab will co-create an interesting future with everyone.

●Community of universities and research institutes around the world

B Lab will collaborate with 100 research institutes around the world to create a community that transcends organizational boundaries.

●Fields covering around the world

B Lab will establish labs around the world, both real and virtual.

●Anyone can be a researcher. One million resarcher project.

Not just adults but every grandmother and child can be a researcher. Let’s become a lifelong seeker and have a second researcher business card.






B Labはそのための場、コミュニティ、ネットワークです。

TECHNOLOGY such as IT and AI, CULTURE such as pop culture and HUMAN RESOURCES.

These three axes drive innovation, incubate the three axes and induce further innovation.


Technology, culture, and people. Creating and nurturing together.
B Lab is a space, a community and a network to achieve such mission.

循環をうみだす innovation と incubation