Activity Report

B Lab Hong Kong拠点便り


B Lab香港では、誰でも簡単に楽器を演奏できる環境を構築するとともに、テクノロジーを活用しながら新たな音楽の表現方法や楽しみ方を追究します。楽器の演奏だけでなく、オリジナルのウクレレを製作し、それらをメタバース上で共有できる空間を構築します!

オリジナルのウクレレを製作をする「Maker Ukulele Set」の概要の動画を作成したので、是非ご覧ください!

B Lab Hong Kong focuses on helping people of all ages get in touch with music and make the process fun and fulfilling so everyone can gain its benefits, through the use of technology.

From assembling their own instrument to digitizing their own instruments into the virtual world and making the NFT available for charity sale, creators gain a step-by-step experience from a physical STEAM education project to a showcasing and sale of their digital art.

We’ve created a video overview of the “Maker Ukulele Set” project, so please take a look!