【B Lab Adelaide】E-テキスタイル ワークショップの開催決定!


オーストラリア、アデレードに拠点を構えるB Lab Adelaideはメーカーやハッカーなどのクリエイティブ集団と、ものづくりを通して創造や学びの機会を提供することを目指しています。活動の一環として、1/15よりアデレードで対面のE-テキスタイルワークショップシリーズを開催します。本ワークショップでは、電子回路やプログラミングを学び、玩具や衣装にLED等をなどのウェアラブル技術を取り入れる方法を学びます。

B Lab Adelaide will hold an e textiles course!

The E-Textiles Course is a chance to learn about electronics and some programming so that you can connect some LEDs and interactive elements to your toys or cosplay designs. In this course, you will learn about electronic circuits, wearable technology and interaction design through a series of fun craft projects. In this 6 weeks course, you will gain an understanding of how to create wearable technologies. This is an introductory course paced for beginners and no previous experience in electronics or sewing is required.

Session 1 on Sunday 15th Jan23 1pm to 4pm
Session 2 on Sunday 22nd Jan23 1pm to 3pm
Session 3 on Sunday 29th Jan23 1pm to 3pm
Session 4 on Sunday 5th Feb23 1pm to 3pm
Session 5 on Sunday 12th Feb23 1pm to 3pm
Session 6 on Sunday 19th Feb23 1pm to 3pm

What you will learn:
・Gain an understanding of basic electronics circuits, including using LEDs and sensors.
・Get an introduction to Arduino programming concepts and E-Textiles.
・Sew your own electronic circuits using the Little Bird EagLED board. EagLED is Littlebird Electronics’ wearables/e-textiles development kit.
・Create a range of projects that combine electronics and craft.

The course is sponsored by Linux Australia

Makerspace Adelaide
223 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

To book your seat, visit here.