B Lab 参加にあたってのお願い

B Labにご参画いただく前に、以下を熟読いただき、同意の上お申込ください。

1. 研究員の招聘期間は、招聘日から当該年度末までとする。ただし、招聘期間を更新することができる。
2. 研究員が、法令、研究所における規則や取り決めに反した場合、および以下(1)から(4)までのいずれかの場合、招聘期間内であっても、中止することができる。
3. 故意または過失により、研究所に損害を与えた場合には、研究員はその損害について賠償責任を負うものとする。


1. 研究員は、研究員の申請をするにあたり、利益相反が生じるおそれ、もしくは研究所が何らかの不利益を被ることが懸念される場合、書面で申し出なければならない。
2. 研究員は、研究員として招聘された後に、利益相反が生じるおそれ、もしくは研究所が何らかの不利益を被ることが判明された場合、ただちに書面で申し出なければならない。

1. 研究員は、自らが反社会的勢力等(暴力団、暴力団員、暴力団準構成 員、暴力団関係企業、総会屋、その他これらに準ずる者)ではないこと、および以下の (1)から(3)までの全ての事由に該当しないことを研究員の申請時に確約する。
2. 研究員は、申請の記載事項を確認するために調査が実施される場合、常に協力し、要請された資料等を直ちに提出しなければならない。



Please read the following carefully and agree to the terms and conditions before applying to B Lab.

(Invitation of Researcher)
1. The period of invitation of a researcher shall be from the date of invitation to the end of the relevant fiscal year. However, the invitation period may be renewed.
2. In the event that a researcher violates any law, regulation, or agreement of the institute, or in any of the following cases (1) through (4), the invitation may be terminated even within the invitation period.
(1) In the event that the student fails to follow the instructions of the director.
(2) In the event that the student causes serious damage to the Institute (B Lab), or its related parties.
(3) In the event of criminal acts, acts that are offensive to public order and morals, or acts that the Institute deems inappropriate.
(4) If it is found that the applicant has made a false declaration when applying for a researcher position.
3. If the Institute is damaged intentionally or through negligence, the researcher shall be liable for compensation for such damage.

(Handling of Personal Information)
The Institute shall comply with all relevant laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information of researchers and shall manage such information strictly by clarifying the purpose of its use.

(Conflict of Interest of Researcher)
1. When applying for a researcher, a researcher must submit in writing any concerns that a conflict of interest may arise or that the Institute may suffer some disadvantage.
2 If, after being invited as a researcher, it becomes clear that a conflict of interest may arise or that the Institute will suffer some disadvantage, the researcher must immediately notify the Institute in writing.

(Exclusion of Antisocial Forces)
1. A researcher shall affirm at the time of application that he/she is not an antisocial force, etc. (organized crime group, organized crime group member, organized crime group quasi-constituent, organized crime group-related business, general meeting of shareholders, or any other equivalent person) and that he/she does not fall under any of the following (1) through (3).
(1) Having a relationship that is deemed to be utilizing antisocial forces, etc.
(2) Having a relationship with antisocial forces, etc., that is recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc. or favors to such a force.
(3) Having a socially reprehensible relationship with antisocial forces, etc.
2. The researcher must always cooperate and immediately submit the requested materials, etc., when an investigation is conducted to verify the information in the application.

(Reporting Obligations of Researchers)
A researcher shall comply with any request from the Host Supervisor for a report on their activities as a researcher at the Institute.